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Hello peeps......

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by DavoSmith, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Been working freelance for nearly ten moths now and been meaning to join up. I'm pretty sure a forum isn't the perfect substitute for the lack of work colleagues, but I'm hoping it will atleast add a little extra life to any feedback on my work.
    Gotta make my work better right?!?! Will give it a shot anyhow and see what unfolds.
    I'm Davo, so hello all....... Looking forward to seeing everyones work...
  2. Squiddy

    Squiddy Guest

    Welcome to the forums! I've been freelancing for a little over a year now, so we're largely in the same boat! Where abouts are you based? This forum is great for getting critiques, helping to develop and expand on ideas as well as improving design processes. Well, actually this place is great for just about everything design, you've made a wise decision to join! I hope you get well and truly stuck in to the forums!
    Do you have any work that we can take a look at? I love seeing new members work!
  3. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Hey Squiddy, cheers for the reply. I'm based out from Manchester at the edge of the peak district. Freelancing has certainly been a challenge up to now. Gotta keep getting better if its to be a career. Not sure why its taken me so long to join, but hey ho. Your right, and I'm certain it'll help. I'll absolutely try get stuck in for sure.
    In terms of posting work, I could add a couple of things to this thread for starters, give a feel of what I've been getting up to. Will sort something.
  4. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Guest

    Hi Davo,
    Welcome to the board!

    I'm a freelancer of nearly 8 months now so there are people around largely in the same boat as you! How are you finding it? The lack of colleagues to bounce ideas off really bugs me at times. The forum is great for support! :)
  5. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Davo.
  6. wac

    wac Senior Member

    Good evening Davo, welcome to the forum, hope to see some work of yours soon.
  7. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome to the Forum.
  8. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Cheers for the welcomes people. Will get a couple of examples of work on to cap off the intro.
  9. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Just throwing in some small examples of work from the past 10 months. These three branding exercises were for self employed individuals and included various small scale stationary.
    Definitely looking forward to some feedback for upcoming and new design briefs from anyone that wishes to throw it in there.....
  10. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Hi Davo, welcome :)
  11. Matt Harle

    Matt Harle Guest


    I've been a freelancer since last May. It can be fun at times.
  12. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Cheers. Been at it since May myself pal. Fun indeed, and mighty stressful too, on occasion.
  13. Matt Harle

    Matt Harle Guest

    I'm trying to find something a little more permenant for the minute.
  14. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    I sometimes wish I'd gone the route in your Sig actually, Film Maker. I love film and really quite like working with it. I'd love to master a career in film based work, thats the goal. We'll see.
  15. welcome to the forum
  16. Matt Harle

    Matt Harle Guest

    Go for it! If you ever want advice or have any questions, give me a shout.
  17. GilmoreVisuals

    GilmoreVisuals Active Member

    Hey man - welcome! Nice work you have there!
  18. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Maybe I'll do just that. I have this little thing for colour grading in post, love it......
  19. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    Hey, thanks.
    Cheers fr the welcome.
  20. Matt Harle

    Matt Harle Guest

    Not the biggest fan of colour grading, but there's lots of opportunities there.

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