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Hello, my name is Paul Burgess


Junior Member
Hello one and all, I got an invite from Greg to this forum a while ago and have been a bit slack in picking it up - but here I am and I look forward to some fun, interesting and useful conversations... is that what I should expect?

A brief bit about me - I'm a web designer based in Brighton, been in the web game since 2001 and I love it. Project-wise I have just finished the new website for a music group called Royksopp (awaiting approval as we speak) and about to do a heap of revamps on existing sites and start finish off work for singer/songwriter Patrick Wolf.

That's all freelance night-time work, and by day I'm a front end developer at Madgex

My main personal projects are Desktop wallpapers, photos, music & sticker downloads | Delarge and Urban Dirty: Free texture stock photography for your artwork, desktop and design

For a bit more Paul Burgess action please visit my portfolio or I'm in next month's Web Designer magazine with a brief profile...

Hope to see you on the boards.
Welcome to the Forums Paul.

Your sites are looking good. Looking forward to seeing the Royksopp website in action!

Enjoy your stay.


Active Member
Hi Paul,

Welcome to Design Forums! Really pleased you could make it along, and yes you can expect fun, interesting and useful :D Look forward to hearing more from you around the forums, and will be keeping an eye out for you in Web Designer magazine!