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Hello, my name is Kasper

I'm from Denmark, and am 23 years young!

I honestly don't remember when I started doing webdesign, but I do remember fiddling with HTML when I was, 12? And I've always had an interest in the web, and figuring out how things work. I eventually started gNUBBi which right now has basically nothing on it. I do try to add small projects or ideas from time to time, but because of my job as of late, it hasn't been all that easy =D

When I'm not working, currently, I love peace and quiet, and trying to get linux to work just as I want it, as I hear that is possible! =p

I've been a friend of Aarlev, who is on this site, for a number of years, although, he did choose to abandon me for trips to exotic places and some girl, I can't blame him..

Getting the invite here, I'm hoping to get lots of fresh ideas, and inspiration. And I'm hoping that I can make time to start doing something again, that I used to really enjoy, coding and webdesign.

Also I hope to at one point be able to contribute some things for critisism.

Thanks for having me on board,



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Hey Kasper,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to hear Soren pointed you in the direction of the forums :D (or Olive as he will know be known!!) Hopefully you'll find lots if inspiration here and the chance to get back into web design.

Look forward to seeing you around the forums.
Thanks, Greg
Thank you all for the welcome!

I am thinking I might try teaching myself CSS. It is such a powerful tool and I haven't mastered that. I suppose I better get apache set up, so I have a test pc lying around =D