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Hello! I'm Jacob.

Hello! My name is Jacob and I'm a 14 year old. I'm very enthusiastic about becoming a graphic designer when I'm older. I love working in Photoshop, and other programs, to create small projects (Pretend logos etc). I would be very grateful if you guys could give me any tips, and what it is like to be a 'Graphic Designer' and what to expect etc. You can follow my work on https://twitter.com/Cloud_Graphics. The main thing I am interested in, is how much to charge people for my work.
Hi Jacob,

Hats off to you for being 14 and throwing yourself into it at such an early age! I look forward to getting to know you and the types of things you want to learn.

In answer to your question... Figure out your hourly rate and cost things on how long they will on average take +/- admin/traveling/expenses etc...
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Hey Jacob! I was 14 when I first started to play around with Photoshop :)

I think that you should leave the questions about money for later. What you should do now is find the 'branch' that you have talent for, or the one that you like the most, and focus on it. Is it app design? Icon design? Logo, website, print design? Be sure to explore the options available. Focusing on a single one at first is a good idea because you should become an expert in only one field first, and then learn about the other design industries (not the other way around, because most of the times this leads to failure). Also, make sure you work with vectors, I recommend Illustrator.

Good luck!