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Hello, I am new to this and forums in general. But was reading some useful stuff, so decided to join

Hi, I am currently trying to set up a flat bed table for textile printing. It's not going well, but rather than boring you with my issues. I wondered if there was anyone that might be doing a similar thing and can help me.


Staff member
Welcome Nicki. :)

Are you screen printing or block printing?
I'm going to set up a small block printing table for some t-shirts I'm doing.

What issues are you having?
Hi, thank you.
I am screen printing and have a RA Smart second hand table from a school, but now I am ready to start using it, I notice a few problems. Apart from not being able to fit a registration bar, I have tried putting gum Arabic on the top to iron my fabric on, but it's all peeling off. I think the cover is not what it should be, it looks like a vinyl!
Do you know what is meant to be on the table for using the gum Arabic method of applying fabric?


Staff member
I'm not really familiar with those tables as when I was screen printing I used a carrousel for t-shirts.
Not really qualified to advise but are you talking about using Gum Arabic to keep the fabric in place?

If so, we used to use SprayMount although it wasn't exactly the healthy option.
I am trying a different tack.... Ha. I think I have got a temporary solution, but it will mean using pins. I am going to chat with RA smart tomorrow, to establish what should be on my table top. Might end up redoing it.

Yeah Spray mount is not good! I am trying to be very Eco. I am even trying to establish my own methods of printing with natural dyes, they are so beautiful and quite versatile.

Thanks for chatting.