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Hello, Howdy, Hi...


Junior Member
Not being one to buck the trend, I thought I'd pop my first post in here to give a little intro

I'm Mike Morrison, freelance (although I'm growing less convinced that this title is apt) web design/developer based in "sunny" Newcastle.

Been doing the rounds as a one-man-band for the last year and a half now and absolutely loving it.

My business is named Bizarre Inspiration; however I'm not going to link to my portfolio (even though that's redundant as I have a sneaky suspicion that there might just be one or two people here who have heard of Google) as it is currently in what seems to be a permanent state of redevelopment.

Anyhow, as someone who tends not to like most "web designers" I meet (usually because it's actually an agency sales/support staffer who I get stuck talking to at networking events, not the guy they stick in the cupboard to actually design their websites) I'm hoping from the looks of some of the conversations here that I'll enjoy the "company" of this community.

So, there we have it, that's me - jacked up on caffeine - in a rather large and boring nutshell.


Active Member
Hey Mike,

Welcome to Design Forums, I'm confident with your admission to caffeine addiction and passion for pizzas you'll be in great company, :D and I'm sure you'll enjoy talking to "the monkey and not the organ grinder", there's no agency sales or support staff round these parts!

Look forward to hearing more from you and good to hear you found us through the FS link
Thanks, Greg