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Hello, hello!


New Member
Hi everyone!
My real name is Stephanie and I'm a graphic designer from Brazil.
Years ago I used to visit some graphic design forums from Brazil, but now seems that all the forums are dead. So, I was looking for a new one. My intention is get and give feedback. When I was beginning this helped me a lot!


New Member
createamake said:
Welcome :) We're not dead! Hope it's a party tonight in your country.

Edit: World Cup Semi finals for those non enthusiasts.
LOL I hope so! I'll love if Brazil wins this Cup, I imagine that if don't, the people will go even more crazy than before Cup starts.

Gareth Collett said:
I had a forum once. It died.
Me too! Facebook is dominating the world, people are seeing it and liking it. LOL

Thank you all for the welcomes! I all most forgot, has a long time that I don't use my english writing, so, maybe I'll write some words wrong... lol