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Hello hello!

Hey everyone, thought I'd start off here as I didn't just want to jump into any conversations outta no where without first introducing myself!

I'm not a professional designer, because I currently work a day job, but do spend a lot of time outside of my job working on different design projects both for myself, and clients.
I would like to someday go full-time freelance, but for now, I'm happy with what I've got going on.
I do web, graphic, and logo design, and come from a painting/ drawing/ photography background.
I'm from, and currently live in California. Yes I realize this is a UK forum, but the community here seemed better than others. :D

With all the work I've been doing for other people, I haven't had time to create my own portfolio, so I have no links to giveya at this time, sorry!

I'm looking forward to contributing and becoming an active member of the forum. I shopped around a bit before joining one, and like I've already said, this seemed to have a nice community, and some talented designers.



Welcome to the forum.

You seem like a nice guy who wants to get involved, I look forward to seeing you around more in the forums :)
Thats the plan! It helps me to keep fresh, and always thinking about design when there are other like-minded people around.

I have a question about the forum, nothing important, more our of curiosity, why are some avatars dimmed and others bright?
Hello James

Good to read your more in-depth introduction - rather than the more common "hi I'm a designer".

Yes, unlike many forums most members here are helpful and friendly - without all the aggro and swearing.

- David