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Hello, from your family friendly screenprinters!

Hey all,
We felt it was time to join the fold after getting our screenprinting business up and running and into the full swing. We have spent some time fine tuning our business with new equipment, studio, offers and website.
We would love to gain some support and followers - we know all you budding designers want to get your items to the masses, or you know someone who knows someone who wants something for their pet Bichon Frise.
Check out the website, get sharing our photos, comment away and most importantly enquire!
We look forward to seeing what DF has in store.
w: www.mmmprinting.com
e: littlem@mmmprinting.com
f: www.facebook.com/mmmprinting

Much Love,
the mmm fold


I think they signed up with a personal account previously Levi, now they're using a business account.
Welcome to the forum (again) mmmprinting ;) I'm sure your website looked different than the design I (think) I remember seeing previously? Or has my brain just made that up?
Squiddy is correct, it was with another account under our clothing company we made started out. As a result of printing our own goods we branched out into the screenprinting for all. So back with our new account!

The logo has been slightly varied, it takes a few forms. Just the stamp, the mmmprinting underneath and then the long one. Hoping that the stamp remains the main focus, but the helpful text says what we are!

Loving all the skills I've seen so far!

Tony Hardy

Hope you get about the forum a little bit :) Would be interested in hearing your take on things!