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Hello from Yorkshire, UK

Hi there,

I'm Rob - a graphic designer turned Mac OS X programmer.

I write software to solve problems faced by my fellow graphic designers including an auto-save function for Illustrator (yes, really!). You can find more info at my website (see below).

I'll be honest, my main reason for joining this forum was to eavesdrop on you guys and hopefully spot a problem or gap in the market that can inspire my next app... whatever that may be. Feel free to approach me with suggestions.

I also enjoy discussing graphic design since that's my background - sure beats the hell out of talking about code!

Hi there,

Not many apps for public usage, I've only really just started with that.

However, I've been making private apps for various design companies for over ten years. Most of my work has been about automating aspects of artwork production in one way or another. The nice thing is that the automatable stuff tends to be the donkey work, not the creative stuff so rather than putting designers out of work, it tends to let them concentrate on the creative stuff they were hired for in the first place. ;-)

Tony Hardy

Hi Robert - welcome along. I hope you enjoy getting stuck into the discussions!
Oh I see. That sounds good tho - I found it can get pretty exciting when you release an app to the public, you never know where it's gonna go! Still, the automated apps can also be very useful, as I'm sure many of your clients have appreciated... time saving and all of that.


Senior Member
Hi Robert, welcome to the forum. Auto save for Illustrator is a good idea, you should do a Windows version.

Another idea for a plugin is one that lets Photoshop save as an icon format.


Staff member
Yay! Another Yorkshire lad. :)

I use Illustrator all the time and I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it.
I love what you can do with it but I hate how it works.

Maybe you can polish a turd.