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Hello from York


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That's a big introduction post Big Dave :)
Welcome aboard Design Forums, good to see you found us via Twitter.


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jamiecuatroocho said:
What do you do and where'd you come from???
(in best Cilla Black voice)
You've just lined up for our Typo (Graham) to do some form of narration on this thread :D


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I trained as a Multimedia Designer at Hull Uni and graduated in 2007 Im now working as a Designer working for a publishing company in York. We produce 30+ local trade advertising magazines under the titles of On Your Doorstep and Roundabout which are royal mail delivered around the north & west yorkshire area. The work isnt glamorous, infact its a real dead end of a job with almost no scope for creativity or progression but its work and the people are a laugh.

Ive got a 2 year old son who thinks its funny to pee on mummy and daddy's bedroom floor & a fiance who's also a designer, infact she sits opposite me at work!