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Hello from Victoria


Active Member
Hi Victoria,

Welcome to Design Forums :) thanks for posting an introduction, do you work full-time as a designer/design related position? Your site looks good, some nice bits of work on there, I'm sure you'll find the many interesting members and threads here of great benefit when moving to the world of freelance.

If you could let us know how you found Design Forums that would be very helpful.

Hi Greg,

Yes I work full-time as a graphic designer in London. I work as part of an in-house design team, the job is great but I miss having the diverse range of projects and clients that I had when I worked for a design studio. Freelancing on the side will give me the best of both I hope.

Thanks for looking at my site too. I know it's not going to sit there and do all the work for me so I have to get networking and Design Forums looks like a great place to start.

I found Design Forums via your thread on Freelanceuk.com. Hope this helps!

Berry – thanks very much! Your website is fab.

Hey Matt,

Yeah it does, I've lived in Ealing and Fulham, but North London is my fave so far!

Are you from Glasgow or were you just visiting when you went to Marks Hotel? That job was a personal highlight for me I think.
No, I'm from London.

I used to work with a band that played at King Tuts a few times, one night we went to some snazzy looking hotel/bar cos some label exec was paying. It may not have been Marks, but the name's familiar.


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Hi Victoria.

Welcome to the forum.

Had a brief look at your web site and i think you have a very good standard to your work.
Is that all freelance work?

Kind Regards

Thanks very much LankyDan, that is reallly nice of you to say so! That is some of the work I have done with previous and current employers. I haven't done any freelance work yet, that is something I I'm trying to get into now. Your website is cool, love the illustration work!