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hello from tunisia.


Senior Member
guess what? im in tunisia.

it was 45 degrees here every day until today, sadly it's a meer 35 today instead.

how y'all doing? im gonna have to spend the whole of monday trakcing back on what the heck is going on!


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Hey Tim,

All good here buddy, the contest winners were announced, and we've only had one had 1 miss Tim thread from Onartis :D

Hope you're having a good holiday!


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Typo said:
Berry, didn't you try to sell your blonde girlfriend in Tunisia once?

Five goats and two camels seem ok to me.

That was Morroco.. and I didn't try to sell her,I was asked if I would.
And it was 10 donkeys and 2 camels - Donkeys are like taxi transport over there then. That was a great deal, shame she wasn't up for it.


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oh my gosh, over 1,000 members and this is what i get?! :p

i went to port el kantaoui, sousse, el jem, blah

was alright, but i forking missed my iphone.


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dad's at work so, maybe later tonight, but probably not, because i'm knackered so i'll probably be asleep all day.

SHITE i have work tmrw.