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Hello from Tunbridge Wells!


Junior Member
Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd finally take, or shall I say 'make' the time to register on the forum properly and to introduce myself. I often pop by for inspiration/reality check as owner and agency director of my own company based just outside Tunbridge Wells. As with reading offline Media mags like Web Designer and .Net, I gain a lot of inspiration and satisfaction of seeing other designers work, but more so it's very often useful to find skillsets and attain industry benchmarks at any moment in time.

Hey, that all sounded professional didn't it? Anyway, there's 5 of us in all so no doubt you'll be getting to see our input from more than just myself over the coming weeks.

Great forum - looking forward to chatting!



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Hi Russ,

Welcome to DF! thanks for posting an introduction, and good to hear the forums have already been of use. I'm not all that far from you, over in Thanet, and used to go to UCCA at Maidstone, did any of the 5 at your agency study at UCCA?

Look forward to hearing more from you.
Thanks, Greg


Junior Member
Thanks guys!

Re your question Greg - we've a trainee with us from Kent University. We take Year 3 Under Graduates (Multi Media Technology and Design), train them and employ them for a year, and then send them back to Uni for the final year.

ThewholeHogg - I wonder if we're related!? I've come across your work before actually. We're the side of the family with no money - just in case you were wondering ;0)