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Hello from the rainy South West

Hey guys,

Must start by saying I love this website design. Been on a lot of design forums but this really stands out, easy to navigate and use. Well done to the creators!

I'm Wayne, 23 years old. Haven't done any freelance yet but would love to try it someday. Working as a graphic designer at the mo for a tool company, enjoying it and getting some good experience.

I look forward to sharing designs and ideas with you guys.



Active Member
Hi Wayne from the rainy South West, the South East isn't looking to hot today either!
Thanks for your comments on the forum design, it took long enough to get to this stage, trust me! But pleased you like it and are finding it easy to use, that's great to hear/read.

What sort of work do you get to do for the tool company Wayne? is it mainly print work or do you work on their website also?

Look forward to speaking to you more, and welcome to Design Forums! :)
Thanks, Greg