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Hello from Swindon

Hello everyone, newbie here from Swindon, Wiltshire.

Ive been a designer since the age of 17, all of my knowledge is self taught but I can use the mac and the software better than anyone I know. I'm good at hitting deadlines no matter how tight.

I run my own design business as a freelanced designer, I was mainly design for print based but have self taught myself how to build websites, not quite up on SEO yet but am working on it.

I work mainly for small companies and to small budgets with the odd project for bigger companies every now and then. Anywho, check out my site specifically the websites I have designed at Graphic Design Portfolio | Swindon Graphic Design | Silent-G Design as am always open to other designers thoughts on my work.

In case anyone is wondering about the company name, my surname is Togni but we do not pronounce the g, hence Silent-G.


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OK, websites. I think the designs are nice and clean and simple in the main. Not too fussy and easy to navigate.

Some of the code is a bit iffy. Few sites laid out with tables and one using frames. Not a lot of attention paid to semantics either.

Also wondering why you are using that awful Dreamweaver generated rollover code and images to create what are very simple rollover effects on buttons? I haven't seen anything there that couldn't be done with an unordered list of links, a couple of images and the CSS link pseudo classes (link, visited, hover and active). Just keep everything as simple as you can and you will cater for more web users, with whatever browser config they want or need.