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Hello from Scotland

Hi, I'm an ex physics graduate who has turned his hand to a big of graphic design/illustration over the past few years and trying to maybe get into that as a vocation/get lucky and earn a ton of money from it. A ton of money? A ton of money. Whoooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! (rep from me to the first person who can tell me the name of the song?) I'm quite inexperienced, but have lots of original ideas and an interesting portfolio which I will upload soon.

Just here for advice, etc.

Out of interest, is this place affiliated in any way with graphicdesignforum.com?
Goody good drops.

So what do you have to do to make it in the world of art then? Is simply having a creative flair enough? I'm starting to find out that mediocrity and money are the two main wheels that the bicycle of art runs on.

I just started doing stuff when I became out of work a few years ago and it's kind of grown from there into something that I seriously considering doing as a vocation. There are gaps in my skill base that I am working on but everything I have done has been on a pick up and go sort of level. I've learned everything as I go along, and my four recent vector creations for Talenthouse were done without ever having used illustrator before. So I know I can pick all these skills up quite easily, it's just finding the time to learn them all.

This is my website which I have neglected to spend much time on because I am always in the middle of some new design project that Talenthouse throws at me (and then they end up picking some lame rubbish...)

<^> Green <^> Brain <^> Surgery <^>

Hoping to get the main page sorted out soon, I've just had an idea for it.
What are you meaning by art exactly? Do you want to create works that sell at galleries or are you interested in graphic design for business?
Well it's all art isn't it? I mean it would be nice to have my stuff in a gallery, I already had something in an exhibition this year. But, more specifically and realistically I mean graphic design for business, with my won creative edge tailored to their specific requirements. A bit of both really. Yeah I mean how do you get a job. It's people with the most skills they are looking for I imagine, right?


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Yeah, totally. It is all art, I just wondered where you were going with it :icon_smile: I've never looked for a job in the design industry as I decided to go it alone after a conversation with one recruitment company basically went Me: "I've taught myself web development and am pretty good at it, any chance I can be put forward for some interviews?" Recruiter: "No". So that pretty much killed off working for someone else! So can't really offer you any advice on that front. There are others here who work for agencies and should be able to offer a better insight!