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Hello from Plymouth

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by Owenjones, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Hi, my name's Owen. I'm a graphic designer in Plymouth, currently employed as a creative artworker by an agency called Mutual Ideas.

    Please feel free to check out my website and look at my work - let me know what you think.

    I saw a link to DF from Dirty Mouse, one of the design blogs I check out most days, and liking what I saw, thought I'd sign up and say hi!

    Keep up the good work chaps.

  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi Owen,

    Welcome to Design Forums! Thanks for joining and letting us know how you found the site, I only just noticed the link to DF on Dirty Mouse about half an hour ago. Your portfolio looks excellent, some really cool work on there, liked the 'O for Owens' birthday invites!

    Look forward to hearing more from you.
    Thanks, Greg

    EDIT- Just found more of your work on the previous posts pages, love the way you took the opportunity to brand your own wedding!
  3. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Cool, cheers Greg - I'm pretty pleased with those pieces too!
  4. craigfarrall

    craigfarrall Member

    Welcome to Design forums mate, I am sure you will have fun here, as I am so far ;)
  5. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    No problem, I would be too! So in your full-time position as a creative artworker do you have much opportunity to put forward design ideas and concepts? Or are you more responsible for making the ideas a reality?

  6. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Sadly it's not as creative as I'd like. The company works in a strange way really. The owner is also the designer, new business finder, account manager etc. and he's based in Brighton. There are 5 of us in Plymouth: Studio Manager, 3 'Creative Artworkers' and one part time web designer/programmer. They are quite, um, in control when it comes to creativity so I don't see a whole load of opportunity to brainstorm or conceptualise but that's just the way it is I'm afraid! It's not completely 'mac-monkey' though, once there is a style set up, I'm told to get on with it and carry it on so there's a certain amount of freedom there.

    I try to keep myself in a creative mindset anyway, through self initiated/freelance work as you can see on my website, and through Illustrated Song Titles (see link below).
  7. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Cheers, I'm having fun already! ;)
  8. mrleesimpson

    mrleesimpson Guest


    Awesome work man, real nice. Some of your illustration work is killer.

    Welcome to the forum.
  9. Mike

    Mike Senior Member

    Welcome Owen,

    Loving the Die Alright illustration, Its freaking awesome!
  10. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Hi guys, after a prolonged absence I'm back on DF!
    I've had a funny old time of it the last 6-7 months. I left my job at one agency, got made redundant by the next one and am heading out on the road of self employment as a full time graphic designer.
    I saw the competition email and am really keen to get involved!
    Looks like the forum has gone from strength to strength! Good work Greg et al.

    Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello, touch base and all that! Come and say hi if you like.
  11. Renniks

    Renniks Senior Member

    Hello and welcome back (though I wasn't here the first time round)

    Best of luck with the self employment :) How far along the road are you?
  12. welcome back Owen :)
  13. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Cheers gents
    I actually start the self employment officially on Thursday next week so very early days, although I've been registered self employed for 2-3 years already, working part time outside work ours.
    Exciting times...
  14. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    When I first spotted this intro thread as a new post I was worried it was a spammer digging up old threads!
    Pleased to see it isn't, welcome back Owen!!
    Congrats on making the move to freelance, I'm certain that you'll do really well :)

    P.S. This really is an old thread, with Lee Simpson, the first ever moderator (apart from me) to join Team DF!!
  15. Owenjones

    Owenjones Member

    Ha, sorry to scare you! Thanks
  16. I did notice that it was started in 2008 :lol:

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