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Hello from Paul Cartwright

Just joined and wanted to say hi. I'm all for sharing skills, experience and points of view, so let's see what happens here.
I've been designing for over 16 years and set up Paul Cartwright Branding in 2004 and (so far) we're still here.

Say hi if any of you know me from over the years.



Active Member
Hi Paul,

Welcome to Design Forums, pleased you've joined us (& good to see another local)
I look forward to reading your experienced posts :)

Thank you all...not sure about the dinosaur bit!
Though...our first mac at Ravensbourne was kept in a room under lock and key and had it's system software on one floppy!
You went to Ravensbourne? Me too!

Sounds like you graduated a little before me. Was John Laing around when you were there?