Hello from Lee Paul Vickers, Glasgow

Hello everyone.

I'm Lee Vickers starting out under the name Lee Paul Vickers Design (and aka leelovesbikestoo on pretty much every other web forum.)

A bit about me: I've been an in-house graphic designer for two companies over 7 years and I'm taking the jump and going self-employed. I'm old enough to know better but still have a lot to learn, live with a wonderful and understanding girlfriend in Glasgow. Still have my estuary accent. As my nick I love cycling, photography, making bread, the great outdoors and coffee.

I hope to make this one of my regular homes and will try to post up as time allows, and look forward to sharing my portfolio after 15 posts...



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Hi Lee,

Welcome to Design Forums! We seem to have had a small rush of new members from Glasgow. Best of luck with the move to freelance, and look forward to seeing your work and contributions on the forums :)

Thanks for the welcome, looks like a nice active site! I hope it won't be counter-productive...

There's a lot of good [graphic and web] design work coming out of Glasgow at the moment, and I'd like to say I'm part of that, but more like I aspire to the high standard!