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Hello from Kent


My name is Scott and I've been running a small web design and graphic design studio in Tunbridge Wells, Kent called Designmatic.

I'm originally from Wales and I've been working in design since 1998.

I started out as a print designer but over the past 7 or 8 years I've also been designing and developing websites and have recently been developing my sites using WordPress, which I love (although I still haven't got my head around PHP!)

Apart from print and web stuff, I'm also into photography and I love music (Smiths, Nick Cave, various sixties, seventies & eighties) as well as film (indie, alternative, world cinema) and football (I support Man U and sometimes go to watch Cardiff City)




Active Member
Hey Scott,

Welcome to Design Forums, good to see you found us via Twitter I'm assuming?
Liking your site & portfolio :)

Enjoy DF!