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Hello From Katakitsu!

[font="'trebuchet ms'"]Hello there! I just want to take some time off your hands so you can read my intro, and I hope that you will read the entire thing and not just the few first letters! If you have any more questions for me, feel free to send me a Private Message! But shouldn't we get started already? Sure we should![/font]
[font="'trebuchet ms'"]I am a 16 year old boy that lives in Norway, been here my entire life so far and I don't really like it here.. I am a active forum person and a artist in a few different ways. Not that I am very skilled in either of them though.. Well I do graphics, designs, drawing, writing and a little bit of painting when I am bored. You can normally find me at home, relaxing in my chair in front of my PC and TV. This does not however mean that I am lazy in anyway! When I am not at home you can find me either at the Gym, outside or at friends. (Kinda funny, I am at the Gym, but I HATE all sports) I am also at school, which is never fun and I am sure most of you agree with me.. Anyways, when I am at home and you can actually get a hold on me since I am doing quite a lot at the same time, but I am almost always online on my Xbox 360 and Pc. [/font]
When it comes to my talent as an artist, well that is something I cannot really judge myself for. That is up to the ones that view my artwork, however I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and I get a decent amount of Favs on my Renders over at DeviantART... :3 You will find me doing mostly Anime related stuff, wait.... Did I mention I am a huge anime/manga fan? Guess not.. Well anyways, I let my fan-boy side of me get the better of me when I use Photoshop or draw, and you will notice that if you look at my work. However I am trying to get more and more into Web Design and other types of Design then what I have been doing lately. So if anyone could help me with that, then it would be awesome! If you want to know a little bit more about me, then just come on and talk to me! I will answer almost any question you have for me!