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Hello from Howkapow

Hi Everyone!

I'm not a designer or illustrator, but do work with and support a lot of illustrators on our shop -> Howkapow. I run it with my wife Cat (who is a designer).

We're always looking for new work that fits with our style of bold, colourful and a humour so feel free to send over any work for us to take a look at. We always look at everything!

Thanks for looking and I hope to contribute to the forum! :thumb:


Hello Welcome to the forum. I'm a designer and illustrator and would be very interested in showing some of my work through your site. I really would like to start to get my illustrations onto commercial items such as prints, fabric etc… Have a look and see what you think, Louie Bowers's Portfolio. There are some illustrations on there and my blog has some too (the link is in the navigation panel).