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Hello from Halifax


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Thought I would introduce myself. I am a graphic designer working at a small printers in Halifax West Yorkshire. My main duties are pre-press with some design and artworking.

I have started a BA (Hons) top up degree in September and I am really enjoying it, its giving me inspiration and getting me out of a rut.

I hope to move into a more fulfilling job some time in the next couple of years, maybe when the job market has improved.

I intend to put some work up to get some feedback, I have tough skin so can take 'constructive criticism', a few pointers where I can improve a piece would be great.

Well I look forward to hearing from people.

Merry Christmas



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Ah Halifax, not been there in ages. There's a gorgeous* little curry house, The Crown Tandoori, that I've not been to in aaaaaages.

Anyway, welcome!

*It could actually be disgusting as every time I've been it's been like 3am and I've been pretty pissed.


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When I read "Hello from Halifax" my first thought was this guy...

Thankfully it isn't!!
Welcome to DF Edward. good to hear the top-up degree is going well, sure your knowledge from print will give you an edge over other people on the course! Look forward to seeing some of your work, and happy Christmas!



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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Harry the Crown Tandoori is still doing business I think although I recommend The Village at Sowerby Bridge.

I will try and post a piece of work up now that I have done for college.

Happy New Year to you all.



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without the spaces either side of the link.

either that or click the hyperlink icon and insert the URL of the image.

if it's your own image, press "go advanced" and if you scroll down it says "manage attachments", you can add an attachment there.

what i always do is photobucket it, and then take that URL and use that, purely because it's free and takes a few seconds.


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Heya and welcome aboard Edward! Maybe I'll see you around the boards. And Happy New year to you.:)

Greg said:
When I read "Hello from Halifax" my first thought was this guy...
Ok, just out of curiosity what is the story behind the guy in the picture and what does he have to do with Halifax? Is he a TV personality over in the UK?