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Hello from Cloud Web Solutions

Hello, I run a web development company in Bristol and we have created a CMS specifically for the creative industry / designers!

Hoping to connect with designers to find out what makes a good CMS and find out what designers want?

Hi Corrosive, nice to meet you! Do you run this forum?

As you have probably seen from my post I'm trying to connect with fellow designers / developers - what CMS do you guys use?


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Ok cool, MODx is one of the better ones out there!
Yes, incredibly pleased we stumbled across it 2 years ago. Most of the folks on here just grab for Wordpress but I think life is too short to hack Wordpress to fit my vision when Modx will accept my pure HTML/CSS layout without even a whimper!
I agree, I'm not a fan a Wordpress and it's useless from a clients point of view, that's why we developed our Cms - if you like Modx I would love to show you our system.


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Hi Jack, could you post a feature list which would give an indication of why your CMS is better than something like Wordpress.