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Hello from Cheapest Printing Ltd

Hello all,

We are new to the forum and just wanted to say a big hello to everyone here.

We are undergoing a rebrand and having the final tests performed on our new websites over the next 14 days so hope to be able to show them to you guys n gals and get some feedback soon.

We are Cheapest Printing Ltd and we want to save you money on your printing!

Many thanks for readying



Senior Member
That's okay :)

Once more (as I've said in another intro thread) I don't have a clue where everyone is recently, there's normally 10-20 people that will say hey.

Cheapest Printing said:
The weather has sparked BBQs and beer this weekend and I suspect that everyone is chilling or sleeping!

Yeah I know! Its been too hot !

Anyway Hey! Welcome to the forums! :up:


Senior Member
I went to the cinema to be in a dark air conditioned room! I get bad headaches from too much sunlight when I don't wear my sunglasses!

Completely irrelevant, but helloooooo!
I am in the office now with the blinds closed and the air con on!

The computers make enough heat on their own without the sun interfering!

Many thanks for all the warm welcomes! ( get it warm...! nevermind )



Active Member
Hey Matt,

I'm a bit late with the welcome but better late than never... good to see the community has welcomed the notion of cheapest printing with open arms :p so are you a litho/digital print company? Do you own/run your own print equipment? (always nosey when it comes to new print companies joining the forums!)

(I'll add you to my list of DF printers who I Private Message when a new Print Request thread is posted)

See you around DF