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Hello from America


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Hello all. I'm currently in the States, born and raised. I'm looking for any and all advice in regards to graphic design techniques to possibly advance into a career in the field. This site looks pretty informative, and I look forward to seeing what I can find out.

I already have an extensive background in visual arts, personal and formal training. I have been drawing pretty much all my life. And recently I began to delve into the digital media aspect of design, and for a while I have been looking to hopefully, get into the design aspect of commercial art. And I would like not to limit myself to if I can manage it. I really would like to learn anything I can and am able to.

I also have some training in general office aspects as well. Long term, my goal is possible relocation to the UK if the opportunities are there within my career fields. Don't get me wrong, I am looking closer to home as well, one has to start somewhere. Thank you, and looking forward to learning all I can here.


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Win. I managed to catch alot of Mitchell and Webb on YouTube. Very awesom show, and Numberwang was probably the silliest parody ever (but silly enough for a good laugh)

And thank you for the compliment on Sprocket! I always thought he was an adorable puppy.:)

Tom Sound

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Typo said:
Nor am I but I like it dude.
Set the box and catch it later after Numberjacks....

Typo, apologies, I did set my box and watched it last night and I'm big enough to admit you were right, it's really good! Only problem is my box stopped recording before the end and I didn't see if they made it back out of the painting again. any ideas?