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hello from a design forum virgin


Junior Member
Welcome to one and all at designforums.
I spent the afternoon networking, in person, so thought I should look for a good online resource too.
This place looks like a nice enough place.
The only thing I've got to base that on is the look, feel and functionality of the website but that's a good a starting point as any.
So is it a nice place, or have I been deceived by the web team at designforums?



Senior Member
Completely decieved :p the look, feel and functionality of the site doesn't have a team behind it :D
Just greg.

Welcome to the forum :D it's the best around!
You've been deceived. Greg just made it look nice, but it's all part of the illusion. We're horrible people really, and we'll steal all your designs and sell them on the black market. :p

No I think you'll find it great place to network and get constructive feedback. Welcome to the forum mate! :)

I'm f*cking hammered now so I think I'll go to bed before I scare you off for good. :D :cheers:


Well-Known Member
We shall find you and eat you. Until then, welcome to the forum and have fun! :D
PS - Yeah Greg has a pretty sweet design for the place, 'tis nice!


Active Member
Hi Tim,

Good to hear the look of the site has been enough to deceive you! (nod)
So, do you have a portfolio up online? (always good to see new members work).

EDIT > Sorry missed your link on your profile, and your uploaded work on DF, looking good :up:

So, all that's left to say is... your Mother was a hamster and your Father smelt of eldeberries
(think that's the first time I've used that sentence in a welcome thread!!)