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Hello from 77!

Hi there!

I am a Cambridgeshire based design company called SeventySeven Creative Design, delivering complete marketing communication design solutions.

Trained at the Norwich School of Art for two years on the HND course - graduated in 99'...and then offered the only place given (one every year) to jump straight into the 3rd year of the BA Hons Graphic Design course - graduated 00'. Taught under the great mind of Ray Gregory (Smile in the mind).

I worked in some top Design Agencies in East Anglia for 6 years after graduating the degree course at NSAD.

Then I set up SeventySeven in 2006 with my aim to 'design better'.
I want to offer the same quality of design that clients would expect to get from a London agency from one in Cambridgeshire! I feel that design needs to be more personal and by offering good customer service - SeventySeven is achieving this!

It's just me at the moment - with the aim to bring in my wife who has over 20yrs of advertising. She's just being mum at the moment to our 2yr and 3yr old girls.

I want to make SeventySeven a success having clear intentions of making sure that the customer gets the type of design solutions that are going to make them money, raise awareness of their brand an most importantly build their brand!

Experienced in expert design but small enough for excellent
customer service, that’s SeventySeven.

Cheers one and all - hope that I can help as much as you can help me!



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Welcome to Design Forums, Gavin.

That's a comprehensive introduction, liking the portfolio by the way. I had an interview for NSAD after dropping out of a product design course in Loughborough many years ago, unofrtunately by the time I'd dropped out I was too far behind to catch up on the work so didn't make it in, but looked like a great place to go from the work/things I got to see.

Hope you enjoy the forums :)
Thanks guys

The great 1977! You guessed right jamiecuatroocho!

Thanks for the welcome Greg - NSAD was great...miss the experience now, but glad I had the opportunity to be there! It was an honor to be under the watchful eye of Ray as well as all the great lecturers that came in on the knowing that Ray taught there.

Looking forward to being a part of this!