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Hello forum!

Hi there,

just registered with the forum. I am beginning to investigate the possibility of becoming self-employed as a freelance graphic designer. Have worked as an artworker in a professional capacity for about three years before and also worked on freelance projects but has been more like a hobby. I love designing but could really use some advice at this point. Can anyone tell me their experiences of starting out? Is it a case of getting stuck in to jobs or do I need more experience in a full time role first? My plan is to register with sites like People Per Hour, Guru, Designcrowd etc and see how I go. I do have a website but need to build up a body of work. Would really appreciate some pointers! Thanks :icon_smile:
Firstly hi!!

I've been trying to do the same, and I know some may say otherwise, but 99designs.com has really helped me improve my portfolio and gain clients. Its not just the work you do on there, you would normally stay in contact with the contest holder and build a relationship which then brings more work.

Also advertising on free sites like gumtree is a good place to start.

Hope this helps a little!

All the best,
Hi there

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yeah pretty familiar with Gumtree so will give that a whirl and will definitely check out 99designs.


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Designing on 99designs with a very small chance of actually winning the competition doesn't seem a good way to run a business to me...just my thoughts on it.
Well it is tough to start with, but if you stick with it it really is worth it, just for the added work in a portfolio. Honestly, no it doesn't cover a full time salary, but as a side line to other clients...I do find it really helps. Sorry Boss Hog, just my opinions :S One of my colleagues told me about it when I was starting off and would recommend it.

Also I'm after some printing work, will send you a PM (sorry for off topic!)