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Hello Forum!

Hi, My names Sam and I'm 17 and i am currently at college (Studying: Computing, Economics, Business)

I've been messing around with CSS and HTML since i was around 12, however about 2 months ago some friends asked me if i could them a website for their new media company, and since then I've done 3 full websites, with more on the horizon.

I'm fluent in Visual Basic (Fairly useless for webdesign) and I'd say I'm 80% there with learning CSS, and I'm fairly good with Photoshop.

I've had a few other jobs (Mostly I.T related) and im 99% sure something computer related is the job for me :)

So in a way I kinda just fell into web design, but I'm loving every minute of it and am looking forward to learning more :)

Oh and I live in Luton, so if anyone lives in the area let me know :)

Hope to become a part of this community :D