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Hello forum!

Hello DF,

I'm already a member but I have recently been employed by a small design company to help get new clients to bring some money home for them.

It's a nice opportunity, albeit not the normal route, for getting into the creative industry slowly.

If you know who I am give me a PM :D

Anyway, Transform My Site is a small business that specialises in quick turn around websites at pretty damn reasonable prices with great customer service.

Our website is launching in a few days, we're just approaching the final stages of putting it together.

Member X ;)


Active Member
Welcome aboard Member X,
Good luck with the new venture, hope it works out.
Remember that the same forum rules apply, no matter what username you use :p
Thanks, Greg


Senior Member
Welcome Member X :)

There could be a Superman / Clark Kent scenario here - “Have you ever noticed ‘username’ is never around when ‘Member X’ is around hmmm