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Hello Everyone!

My name is Mike, I am a student who's just completing a foundation course in Art and Design (specialising in Visual Communication) and will be studying at University College Falmouth! Really excited for a future in Graphic Design! I previously studyed Photography for2 years also.

Looking for some work experience over the summer, keep myself sharp for the start of University and get some really valuable industry experience. If anyone knows of anywhere, especially in Birmingham that would be willing to take me on board please let me know! If all fails on that job hunt I want to enter as many competitions as possible and again, anyone know of any, please let me know! Excited to get out there and DO IT!
Also, I've entered a competion to win £3000 pounds and 20 runners up get a bottle of tequila! The competition was to design their tequila bottle, good bit of fun, the company send entrants a bottle and 4 glass pens to draw directly onto the bottle, was a little tricky but really enjoyed it!
It's votes based and you have to register to vote but I'd really appreciate feedback and even better votes :D

Michael Phillips's Tequila Bottle for Big Tattoo Planet