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Hello everyone :)

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum:' started by p_exposure, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. p_exposure

    p_exposure New Member

    Me and my friend are amateur photographers (although we do some paid work every now and then) and we have created this website

    We believe in free culture and we are going to post all our photos in full resolution on our website and can be used under following creative commons license.
    That means you can
    remix, transform, and build upon the material
    for any purpose, even commercially.
    100% free of cost.

    We have just started this project and within months there will be thousands of photos available.
    If you like our work and want to promote free culture then please spread the word to everyone who might want to build upon our work.
    If everything goes right then our plan is to recruit more like minded photographers and make this site really rich with 100% free stock photos
    Thank you for supporting us [​IMG]

    Kind regards,

  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Saw this on AIF.

    Welcome BTW.
  3. p_exposure

    p_exposure New Member

    Thank you :D

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