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Hello Everyone


Junior Member
My name is Graham,

I wouldn't call myself a designer, even though I have designed sites here and there, mainly for fun and partly for my computing science degree.

I like to dabble with design, but mainly as a hobby and I've never made any profit from it. For example I used to design CD and DVD covers for bootleg recordings of gigs.

If I'm honest though, that's not what brought me here.

I'm currently working on a research project to complete an MSc in Operations and Business Management, and my aim is to investigate the business use of Twitter. I've chosen Web designers as the sample.

I hope it isn't too cheeky to ask if anyone who is a Web designer using Twitter for business reasons has a spare 5 minutes to fill in a questionnaire.

Web designers' perspective on Twitter Survey

Thanks in advance,



ps. If this belongs somewhere else or is against the rules (which I couldn't seem find) then I will (re)move it.


Senior Member
Hey :) Welcome, hopefully this isn't posted in 50000 locations on the internet and you took the time to (like you mentioned) look for the rules...

I've filled it in either way - twitters ace :)