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Hello everyone


Senior Member
Hi, I was looking for a new forum about graphic design and so I asked google. Google was really nice to me : he showed me a way and just told me "go straight !" (and that's what I did) (you surely guessed it)

While I was reading some topics in your different categories, a characteristic feeling comes up in me...
Well, I think I have many many things to learn from you, and that's why I'm here, now.


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Hi there, Tim is currently in the US so I'm taking over his job as forum dufus for a while :p
Do you like to eat butterflies? (someone else can/will explain)



Active Member
Welcome to DF.... enjoy your stay.

Onartis.... is Tim on a 2 weeks stakeout, stalking Steve Jobs? And does his hotel room have a hoover?


Senior Member
once again graeme- coming from you!?!?!

and no berry, the hoover comes with the maid at the hotel room ;)

welcome newbie :)


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Ah oui, on a une vraie française ici? :p
Je crains que moi je suis le seul sur ce forum-ci qui parle français, malgré que je suis flamand (donc je pense que c'est le même cas pour le néerlandais).

C'est un peu étrange que je ne réussi pas à parler le même français à l'école comme maintenant. Peut-être je recevrais plus de points :confused:

I'm sure Tim is amazed by my language skills (especially my English :lol:)
PS: no translators used