Hello everyone!

Thought I'd pop along and say hello. Greg found me on Twitter and invited me to join.
Looks really good in hear. Look forward to chatting about everything to do with design.

My name's Katy. I'm actually in PR and freelance. But I'm obsessed with graphic and illustrative design. Wish I had the talent to do it myself.

I used to be a journalist but went into PR because there were more opportunities. I was really missing the creative side of journalism, plus I was finding freelance work a bit isolating - so I set up an online magazine called Creative Boom. It's been running for five weeks now and seems to be getting a good response.

The thing I love about it the most is the LookBook - where I showcase talented designers and their work.

So I've signed up on here, not only to tell you about Creative Boom - but to hopefully make some good contacts because I outsource all my design work for my business Boomerang PR. That's at www.boomerangpr.co.uk

That's enough from me for now. To see CB - visit www.creativeboom.co.uk



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If by cracking bank holiday you mean screaming at my computer because I hate powerpoint presentations that need to have flash elements that have been rendered wrong then, yes, yes I am!

Welcome to DF!
God it's been a while since I popped in to say hello!

Thanks for your welcomes! I've been up to my eyeballs in work lately and Creative Boom seems to be growing and growing... So haven't had chance to say hello!

How is everyone? Have you seen the changes I've made to my website? You'll understand why I've not been around... Eeekk!