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Hello Everyone


New Member
Great forum and good to read about fellow designers who see things the same way I do!

Been working as a designer for print for the past 13 years since Uni, the last 2 though have been down in the repro salt mines. I came to a point a few years ago where I was burnt out, frustrated with the company and the system of work, my work suffered and I was given the option of repro (as the print side of the company needed help in that dept.) or out basically.

For the sake of a steady pay cheque and my family I took the option and resented it ever since, for a long time I thought I was the problem and believed I wasn't 'good' enough, recently though I've been doing a lot of blog reading and have come to the conclusion I CAN DO THIS! It's not me that's the problem.

Now I'm on the road back and determined to do things on my own terms which means getting out of this hole I've dug myself and refreshing my creative side(s) - I'm capable of anything and can do pretty much everything (short of app design but I might have a dabble in that for fun).

I'm probably saying too much but this is quite cathartic for me as I've had no-one really to express this to (who understands).

Anyway, I hope all is good with the world and your projects and look forward to reading/posting.

Hello 5.1,

Loved the outline of your journey so far and cannot wait to hear which path you take with that determination tone in which you write with!

Welcome and best of luck :thumb: