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Hello Everyone

Hello I am new to this site, I have my own Greetings Cards web site, tsgreetingscards.co.uk selling Dog Greetings Cards, the cartoon cards are all hand drawn, I will be adding a new design soon and adding other products, but can I pick all your brains, after setting up my web site I need to advertise it and get people to come and buy, I have had a few features written about my cards in magazines, and I am on a few forums, does anyone know of any retailers that might be interested in my designs or any dog lovers out their. I need some idea's please for advertising. Any idea's or leads very welcome. It is hard to get started when you are up against the big boys. I am only a Little fish in a big big sea. Thank you in advance!
Hello and welcome. AdWords sure is the quickest way to get yourself appearing at the top of search results on Google but make sure you manage your budgets carefully if you go down this route.