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Hello Everyone, I am New here !

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Hi Friends,
My name is Marry from Sheffield S9 5DF and I am running a Signage Sheffield company in Sheffield called Image Sign Studio. I am Looking forward to reading through some of the discussions on here. If I can help with anything I will !. We Can help everything from Signage, print media's & app tape, through to light boxes, road signs & a boards. Have a look at our site for further info, our web address.

Thanks & Regards

Sean Lee-Amies

Welcome to DF!
Where it says "our web address", was that meant to be replaced with your web address by any chance?


Staff member
Welcome to DF Marry. (Dean, Richard)
Just a word of advice as you're from Sheff.
If you're going to market your business on forums like this one then try to be clever as your post stinks of spam.
Try to give something that's informative and share something of yourself first and people may take you seriously.
For an example of good marketing check out some of printsome's posts as they are a pleasure to read and they also contribute to the forum.
Your post is an obvious "copy and paste" and you haven't even bothered to do the "insert our web address here" bit which is REALLY sloppy.
A simple Google search shows you've pasted the same post into many other forums.
Things like this only serve against you to give others a negative view of you and your business from the start.
This is the wrong kind of forum to do this on and coming from Sheff you should be familiar with the saying "Don't bullshit a bullshitter".
Not jumping on you or anything. Just trying to be constructive.
If you're going to make the effort to do it then at least try to do it right.


Staff member
Got to agree with Scotty, I almost deleted the other post by the poster as that read as being spam to me, it was just missing the web link....
This one really reads as spam too, the English is really bad, as if it was being written by a 'promotions company' from somewhere like India not to mention the copy and paste missing the web address.
I am going to give you the chance to join in properly, but I will block you for spam if you carry on like this :)
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