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Hello Everybody

Hello i thought i would introuce myself, i am a highly passionate and motivated multi-diciplined ideas-led freelance graphic designer with over a decade of agency experience. I am currently employed as a senior graphic designer and run Blacktype at home after hours and weekends hoping one day to go full time.

I specialise in all branded communication for print and screen based projects including branding, printed materials, corporate identity, exhibition and point of sale, corporate literature, digital marketing and responsive website design and development.

My website including portfolio work can be found here www.blacktypedesign.co.uk

Hi Wardy

Yeah i know what you mean, i went through a lot of designs and could not get it to work as i wanted to in my head, there is a lot of websites for creative agency etc that all seem to look the same, big hero header, services etc with parralax scrolling and javascript everywhere. Don't get me wrong they work and a lot of them are nice i just wanted to be a bit simpler, i am big fan of the minimalist and helvetica styling and wanted my work to be the focus.


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Sorry, you don't know what I mean, I was trying to be funny.

The site looks great (I would like a bit of colour and thumbnails personally), but you've spelled STATIONERY wrong a few times! :)


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Hello and welcome,

I was going to ask you about your frequent use of Helvetica. And Myriad Pro!?

I am interested to hear about how you came about your mark for your Zenith Architects logo design? Why did you choose to base it on the letter 'A' as opposed to the letter 'Z' for Zenith being the name of the company. It would be really fun to play with the meaning of the word Zenith visually.

Love your site btw! I like how you have stuck to your whole Black type brand.
Hi Carl

Thanks for the compliment im glad you connected the typography, style and colour with the name.

Zenith, when i was doing the design, i was messing around trying to make a building or roof type of icon to represent the architectural element, while i was doing this combining the isometric lines i made an A and Z, the Z looked to much just like a Z as the A looked more like a building which the client preferred.
Welcome. Great work, and i'm all for minmial, but I reckon a few thumbnails on the homepage would give people reason to click and see more of your great work.
hi guys taking on board peoples comments on here and the fact i was messing about in adobe muse i decided to tweak my site slightly taking on board commments and feedback, please feel free to comment, also anybody wondering about adobe muse, it has actually surprised me