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Hello everybody


im james, and i run a signage business, designing and creating vehicle graphics, shop fascias...you get the idea.

In my line of work i get a lot of low quality logos which im sure people just copy off their website. "Yea it looks good when its 1 inch tall but when its 2 foot tall..... " and many dont have or cant find the original artwork:confused:. So time after time i have to recreate stuff, which i dont always know how to, hence me joining this forum for help with that kinda thing...have i come to the right place ?

Anyways thanks for reading

A few years back I did a load of characters printed on vinyl for sticking on cars and the like...good fun they looked smart.
Let me know if you ever need any illustration or cartoons.
you sure have come to the right place, and if typo will then I will too, if you need any help with design or illustration work give me a shout and I'll be sure to help.