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hello dudes

It's nice, and pretty basic. Theres nothing extraordinary about it, but its not bad either.
Some things I noticed right away:
•No fav icon
•A broken picture link or two on slideshow/ no descriptions on slideshow, sort of odd.
•Borders should probably all be around the same size, the smaller boxes look odd on main page.
•Over use of your logo. Looks like a template with stock images to be changed later.
•Thumbnails of all your portfolio work would be nice as well as the little thickbox/lightbox deal you got. I can't be bothered to scroll through them all not knowing how many/ if I care enough to press next.

With some tweaks it could be a pretty decent site, and it looks like you stay busy, some nice logos you've got.


Senior Member
I have taken a look also. First I really like the background you have. The faded gradient tones are very easy on the eyes. You could have even made it a muted color but have the same effect and it'd still be good. Though keeping it just gray tones does bring out the colors of your logos better.

I did have a look at the logos, and liked many of them though I agree with James about the use of thumbnails on the page instead of a slide show. But if you go with thumbnails, I wouldn't make them be cropped versions of the actual image. I had read that if you make the thumbnails obvious, a viewer is more likely to click on one that catches their interest, and possibly look at more of your work.

You might also want to put contact information right there on the home page. Like the phone number and email at least.

Essentially you want to allow the visitor the quickest way to do the things they came to your site to do; view the work quickly, and if they like anything, to quickly be able to find your contact information. Just some thoughts.