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Hello DF

I'm a graphic designer currently working as the only designer in-house for a company in the UK. I have started freelancing part-time and it's going well.
I've been a designer for around 7 years and I have a keen interest in branding and print design. I spend a lot of time designing websites and not enough coding them. So my aim is to get a handle on the back and front end of these projects and ultimately, do it all myself (i envy you clever people who can indeed do this).
I live in a sleepy area of the UK in the countryside so haven't been influenced by the innovative, fast-paced city agencies so I'm looking forward to learning a bit more and getting some feedback from the very friendly and helpful members on here. And hopefully if I can contribute, of course I will :)
Thanks very much - will be good to get some feedback on future work. Freelancing can be a very lonely place regarding ideas and feedback :)