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Hello DF!

Hello everyone,

Just joined after being recommended by a fellow DF member. Im a full time junior graphic designer aswell as graduate of Bsc Web & Multimedia.

Looking forward to discussing and sharing things on the site



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Hey Chris,

Welcome to Design Forums, I think your interesting font choice may have been changed back to the forum default by vBulletin now? I missed out on that one!

Thanks for joining the forums, and great to hear a fellow DF member recommended the forums to you, who was that if you don't mind me asking? Good to see a custom avatar up from the outset too, nice logo :)



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Berry said:
What happened to Typewriter?????
I'm seeing some Courier New now, that wasn't showing earlier and was leaving me really confused about what everyone was talking about... looks like it's back, spooky! :blink: