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Hello DF users


Junior Member
Hiya, I'm Matt from Stoke.

I'm a Designer and coder from Stoke.

I started getting into asp coding because of Dreamweaver, but have now found my niche building website with Drupal.

I'm into the local community thing in a big way and have made use of Drupal to create a hyperlocal site for people in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

edit: forgot to say, I wok for a company called Adaptive


Junior Member
Hiya, might take a while to find my feet, and hopefully I'll not spam too much.

Do we have any other drupal coders, theme makers, general users, or people making that important switch?


Not many Drupal people... I try to stick to Wordpress instead :) just a personal preference :) I have used Drupal and Joomla a few times, but prefer Wordpress :)