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Hello Designers And Artists!

Hello everybody here at the Graphic Design Forum. :icon_biggrin:

My name is Legion (well it's Steven... but Legion :icon_wink:)

I am 18 years old, from Ipswich in the UK.

I have been into Design and Art and the Web since I was very young. I have always wanted my career to be online based, so that I can travel the world and still work.

After a long spell of doing nothing to do with Design, I have recently been re-inspired to become a Graphic Designer and it is most certainly the career for me!

I am a little out of touch on the old skills, but that's not a problem. Obviously I want to learn from people who have the same interests as me and make new friends.

After browsing every forum I could find on the topic, this is the one for me, it seems by far better than any other I have looked at, with much better members and advice and designs.

I am opening my own company online for Graphic Design - It is called DIZZIGN (dizzign.com) - Ive got nothing but the "Coming Soon" page up and running at the moment and I'm working hard on building the website.

I know XHTML and CSS but want to also broaden my skills.

Other than Graphic Design my interests are: Football, Basketball, Athletics, Music (mainly 'urban' like Grime, UK Hip Hop etc. but anything I think is good), Partys, Girls, Cars, Money and Con Artists and Successfull and Intelligent people, Study of the Mind. and yeah the list goes on.

Get in touch! Like I said I'm here to meet people and learn and teach, so HI.

Take is easy.

Legion. :icon_thumbup: