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Hello Design Forums -Introduction


Junior Member
Well Hello Design Forum members, I am excited to have found this space to hopefully learn, teach and expose myself to the design world within the UK,

I am Eddy or Edextreme I am an originally educated Print Media Designer from South Africa. I have been designing for about 9-10 years and recently switched over to Web Design, Development & Social Media Marketing Madness. I have a huge portfolio in Billboard outdoor and Print and are slowly building my online presence.

I am also starting to educate myself in PHP and MySQL web Development technologies.

I am 31 years young and started my own little after hours freelance studio (Struggling to get volumes but getting there) I have three kids and I am happily married. I am inspired by music, urban culture and nature.

I design at my best with some muso spinning in the background. Well thats me! in a nutshell. . .