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Hello :D

Hi im Reece
Im 19 from Birmingham, UK
Starting a graphic design degree in September and currently starting my own design business.
Been using photoshop since the age of 12 just playing around then started taking it serious a few years ago, i've made a few websites, some logos, booklets and done some paid imagine manipulation but now want to get myself up and running.
I have some great ideas for websites and mobile applications too and going to keep them as on going projects throughout my degree to see how i progress throughout the course.
Decided to join a forum for help, resources and chat with other creatives to pass on and to gain some knowledge and thought that DF seemed a really great place to join.
Reece Slack :)
Reece said:
Thanks for your reply Ben, checked out your site great stuff really like it :D
Cheers, be sure to post up some of your own on the forum too! Would love to see some of your previous work/current projects :)
Hi thank you for your replies yes I will be building my own site currently working on a house style for my brand which I will be posting for criticism and which I will be asking for advice on which option to go for and going to post some of my work now :D