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Hello Community !

Hello Community !

My name is Vladislav ! I am currently pursuing a Multimedia Design & Communication Degree in Denmark, in the second year right now.
Got to say that I am fully aware that a Diploma will not get me a job, working hard every day and try to learn new techniques. I even created an online journey( this is how I call him), but in reality is an instagram page where I post everything I do. I get nice comments from people online and this really motivates me. I also had some paid projects on freelancing websites.
Probably I will sound silly by saying this but I wanna be the very best, and if I can't at least one of the best designer out there.
I am glad I found you guys.
My journey will be long, but I know you guys will back me up .
Any advice from veterans will be truly appreciated !!!
Thank you for taking your time to read this !